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We’ve done well in the last three years, but it’s time to refine’

Sajha Party’s coordinator Rabindra Mishra says the exit of Surya Raj Acharya and Muma Ram Khanal from the party was regrettable.

A few days ago, the two had left the party objecting to the party’s decision of beginning initiatives to merge with Bibeksheel Nepali again.

On a Facebook post on Friday, Mishra said he and other central leaders of the party did as much as they could to avoid this situation, however, they were not successful as the leadership was compelled to implement the central committee’s decision.

‘Notwithstanding what happened, we still need to continue our journey. We need to move forward with additional determination’, Mishra says .

The leader said his party would target winning local level elections in Kathmandu and some other places in the next elections.

‘The first test of potential power gained from integration / polarization and restructuring will be in the coming local elections in which our main objective will be to win the leadership of local governments in different parts of the country, including the Kathmandu Metropolitan City . That victory will often be impossible without integration and polarization. The outcome of the local elections will have a direct impact on the next federal election ,’  He say’s, ‘The ups and downs of the last three years have taught us a lot. At the same time, we have been badly marketed on the ground of reality. In the process, we gained something, we lost something. Only after falling into the river does the stone become smooth. We’ve done well over the last three years, but based on that experience, now is the time for us to be sophisticated. For this, let us move forward with mind, words and deeds.’

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